I’ve worked in digital for over 17 years. Yes, we have had the internet that long. But it only got interesting more recently. Believe me.

During this time, I’ve directed the London Olympic Bid, Mercedes-Benz, Citröen, smart, Honda, HSBC, Cadburys, Electrolux and many more. I’ve helped create an exhibition for the London Transport Museum, redesigned more automotive platforms than you can shake a stick at and last but not least, mentored and consulted with numerous small brands and startups.

I spent the lion's share of this time in London, with the last few in Berlin, a location that not only allows me easier access to Europe, but also some exciting opportunities in the city itself.

Whether it's scamping out a campaign or creating a digital platform, I am very hands-on, I really don't consider direction and design to be mutually exclusive. However, I am as capable of running teams, creating pitch strategies and dealing with clients as I am wielding a pencil. 

I believe in ideas before platforms, pens before photoshop and creative opportunities over money, which is just as well in some cases.

I’m currently considering full-time roles, as I’d relish the increased involvement they’d allow me, but also very happy to take on interesting contracts with the right people. So, if you’d like to discuss an opportunity, a nice project or indeed just shoot the breeze, please do drop me a line.

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