TFL & The London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum was quick to realise how digital technologies can enhance physical exhibitions, however in this case, they’d not only be using technology, but examining it. By putting these technologies under the microscope we could gain an understanding as to how they affect our experience of London and how this has changed in line with our past visions of the future.

The entirety of the exhibition was handled expertly and creatively by then LTM Creative Director - Andy Spencer, my part, although smaller, was just as interesting.

I helped create the interfaces and interactions for eight 32” touch screens which would gather information from visitors and collate it into ever changing information graphics displayed at the end of the room of space.

On a personal note, aside from the enormous fun I had working with such enthusiastic folk, I found the experience of watching users interact with my work (outside of a test environment) very interesting.


Client: TFL    Agency: The London Transport Museum   

Credits: Photography by Steve Lancefield