Andre Ruzhnikov is a widely respected international art dealer, with bases in London, Geneva, New York and Los Angeles. Andre works extensively, but not exclusively, with major Russian and European art. 

We were tasked with creating the mark, website and associated materials for the brand that would represent Andre’s collection.

A collection built not only on upon expert knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, a shared passion for art. It includes 19th Century works, Old Masters, Impressionist, Post Impressionist and Modern pieces from the likes of Fabergé, Salvador Dali, Gustave Loiseau and Tamara De Lempicka. The new brand needed to reflect this ethos, yet remain contemporary and bold.

The key differentiator for Ruzhnikov is the digital experience. It is bold, informative and engaging, not something that can be said for many in this sector. It uses large,  rich imagery and tiers of informed, authoritative texts, provided by Andre himself and his team of industry experts. 

The wordmark itself is hand-cut and set. Foil blocking, duplex board, hand stitching, spot varnishes and other special finishes were used on all print materials to reflect the craft and beauty of the items in the collection.


Client: Ruzhnikov    Agency: Kolya