Mr Susan

A culinary force to be reckoned with... from their early days providing ramen to fledgling foodies at Berlin’s Markthalle Neun, Mr Susan have fed and watered the red carpet at Berlinale, the movers and shakers at Berlin Fashion Week and, perhaps more importantly, all of those 'normal' folk hankering for something fresh, delicious and  beautifully creative.

The brand attempts to reflect the enthusiasm and joie de’ vivre exuded by Mr Susan themselves and with culinary influences coming from Korea via LA and Germany, the supporting visuals are as varied as their culinary creations.

I’m proud to have been providing hand-crafted doodles and typography since those heady days at Berlinale, and I hope to be there when they finally get the home they deserve in Berlin and LA... and Seoul. Especially Seoul.

Client: Mr Susan    Agency: N/A